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Wentworth Chocolate and Coffee is located on the main street of Wentworth falls. We are located right across from the train station. Our coffee shop is a very popular tourist attraction. You could go take a walk on the Charles Darwin walk or watch the ducks at the Wentworth waterfall Wentworth coffee and chocolate invests in programs to help local community, while also caring about the environment. To extend the reach and impact of our programs,.In addition to these collaborative relationships, we also support communities through farmer loans, growing our farmer support centers and continuously improving and expanding our ethical sourcing programs. In deploying this unique set of strategies, Wentworth is improving the resilience of our supply chain and, ensuring the long-term supply of high-quality coffee and other agricultural goods, as well as building stronger, enduring farming communities. Email: wentworthcoffee@gmail.com
Twitter: @wentworthcofefe
Instagram: @wentworthcoffee